English speaking?


English speaking?

Beitragvon ikbenivo » Mi 19. Nov 2008, 22:50

Where are all the english speaking people? I think this forum would be a lot more interesting if more people could read and understand it (and would post in english!)

Also weird: still no option to set the forum language to english...


Re: English speaking?

Beitragvon michaels » So 18. Okt 2009, 15:12

Hi All,

I agree with ikbenivo it would useful if the English speaking users/developers got a bit more involved with the forum and helped translate some of the German threads. Who is using webEdition is the UK?

London, UK

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Re: English speaking?

Beitragvon Zacefron » Fr 6. Jan 2012, 12:38

Hello everyone! this is Zac from Chicago,Illinois (: m a English speaker here :D your right it would be more fun if the forum would be in English language rather than German! so that we could participate here in discussions too ..

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Re: English speaking?

Beitragvon Kelseye » Fr 27. Jan 2012, 18:48

I used web edition in UK. I think this forum is really interesting because I understand German and I also reply in English.

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Re: English speaking?

Beitragvon mokraemer » Sa 21. Apr 2012, 01:52

I think this is due to the fact that most of the users are germans. and for everyone it is easier to write in their mother tongue, instead of a foreign language.
But I agree to you, it would be much better for a bigger audience to have the main-discussions in english language.
Currently we can't force someone to write english instead of german, but if any of you write a few more posts with questions or suggestions, it would be possible to get the transition.

Even we have very few bug reports in english - I don't think you don't have or have found bugs.
As you are native speakers, someone can help in translations or check for/correct a few misspelled words in WE?

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Re: English speaking?

Beitragvon Chefpraktikant » Mo 23. Apr 2012, 18:34

Many people here in this forum have no problem in writing in english.

I suggest you ask your questions in english and someone will help you then. No one will be offended if it is a question that was already answered someday somewhere in german. You might get your answer and maybe even a link to a german post where the problem or a similar problem was tackled for further reference. You then could ask Google Translate for a rough translation ;-)

Would be great to hear more from you guys here on the forum!
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