WebEdition - IE7 - can't see edit boxes

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WebEdition - IE7 - can't see edit boxes

Beitragvon Kirstie » Do 6. Jan 2011, 14:47

Hi there,

I'm really hoping someone can help.

One of our clients uses IE7 (company wide thing, it's how they access all their intranet files). Unfortunately when they go into the back-end of their webEdition, they're unable to see the edit boxes, so unable to make small changes to their website?

Any thoughts on how we can overcome the problem?

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Re: WebEdition - IE7 - can't see edit boxes

Beitragvon we:willRockYou » So 9. Jan 2011, 14:14

Hi Kirstie,

there might be some special chars inside the textareas, that triggers some JavaScript error.

Changing the we:textareas from inlineedit="true" to inlineedit="false" might help.

If nothing helps, change from wysiwyg="true" to wysiwyg="false". The editor will need to write the HTML code himself, though, better than nothing.

Kind regards,

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