WYSIWYG text area and Typekit (@font-face)

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WYSIWYG text area and Typekit (@font-face)

Beitragvon Michael_S » Mi 14. Mär 2012, 16:08


Has anyone experimented with we:textarea in WYSIWYG mode and css selectors using a Typekit (@font-face) font?

I have a number of css classes using a Typekit font but when I try to apply a class in the WYSIWYG editor the text stays the same and does not show the css style. However the style has been set and can be seen in the preview and web user views.

Is there a simple way of formatting the css to allow the style to show in the WYSIWYG editor?

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Re: WYSIWYG text area and Typekit (@font-face)

Beitragvon Chefpraktikant » Mo 16. Apr 2012, 16:19

"What you see is what you get" is a lie ;-)

Mostly you will see the text as formatted but I don't think that Typekit- or any other @font-face-fonts will display correctly within the texteditor.

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