wE SEO url solution problem

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wE SEO url solution problem

Beitragvon janj » Mi 29. Jun 2011, 16:13

As I've just succesfully implented this newly added SEO-friendly object URLs feature in 3 of my latest sites, I've come across quite a big problem. The way of how this SEO method was set up, is actually the problem though. Let me explain:

The SEO solution works as an "404 page", redirecting- or loading in, the content of the actual object page. This does seem to work fine on the surface. However the problem with processing the SEO urls in this manner is that it's still just an 404 page, with all the added disadvantages. For example, if I want to manually add this SEO-friendly object URL "www.example.com/news/09/11/2011/example-news-article/" to Google, Facebook, Digg, or even validate it through http://validator.w3.org ; it will tell me the page does not exist: 404. This is especially bad for features such as Social Bookmarking, making it absolutely unusable for blogs / news / articles etc. which one would think it was made for.

So even though it's processed and it looks for fine on the surface for most users, it does add alot of problems and disadvantages and it makes you wonder if it really is SEO optimised this way. Is there a solution, or another way to do the SEO friendly object URLs?

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Re: wE SEO url solution problem

Beitragvon ThomasGoebe » Mi 29. Jun 2011, 17:04

Hello Janj,

i have the SEO-URls running on several webEdition Installations and i have no problems with Google and others. If it is a valid seo-url, the 404-header will be surpresses and replaced with the 200-header. So the search engine should see a normal webpage just like the visitor will see.
I think, there might be a problem with the configuration on yout sites. Could you give us more details, how you set up thr seo-urls ? (Maybe a screenshot from the settings tab and the relevant htaccess Code?)

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