wE 7: image referenced documents

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wE 7: image referenced documents

Beitragvon ounos » Fr 18. Mär 2016, 11:29

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$doc = new we_webEditionDocument();
$doc->setElement('my-textarea', '<a href="document:1">Link</a>');
The link is working properly, but when I check the image's (document:1) Information tab, the document is not in referenced by list.

Any way to create this reference ? Is this not supposed to work the same way like clicking Save button ? Thank you in advance.

webEdition Partner
webEdition Partner
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Re: wE 7: image referenced documents

Beitragvon WBTMagnum » Fr 18. Mär 2016, 12:09

JFTR: Lukas mentioned something regarding this issue in ticket 10425 (see comment #c38246). But I'm still not sure if the media-link creation should work in that case or not.


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