AJAX in webEdition?


AJAX in webEdition?

Beitragvon ikbenivo » Mi 11. Jan 2006, 16:17

I was wondering if AJAX is on the todo-list of the webEdition developers? (I'm thinking of drag en drop folders, use of the shift and control keys, less refreshing). I think the use of AJAX could make webEdition even more user friendly.
Thanks in advance.

Ralf Pospiech

Beitragvon Ralf Pospiech » Do 12. Jan 2006, 18:19

Hello Ibo,

thanks for your improvement suggestions, i think its no riddle that we are working with high pressure on a new version, but which technologies we want include iam not able to tell.


Beitragvon ikbenivo » Di 17. Jan 2006, 14:30

ok. thanks for your answer. I'll wait =)

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