Can't save new information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can't save new information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beitragvon PresbyDave » Mo 11. Sep 2006, 22:05

I am having a horrible time with WebEdition. :confused:
For some unknown reason, it won't show the subdirectories in a specific directory but they are on the server and WebEdition won't let me create new files because "the file already exists". It also won't let me save any changes to the pages I can access because of the error message "another document or directory is positioned at the same location". I really need help because I can't update our site at all. Thanks in advance!

Benny Johnson
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Beitragvon Benny Johnson » Di 12. Sep 2006, 08:53

Hi Dave,

it would be best if you send us an email( with access to webEdition and information about which directory is giving you trouble. FTP access could be helpful as well.
Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

Benny Johnson
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Living-e AG

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