Navigation UTF-8 problems

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Navigation UTF-8 problems

Beitragvon linxy » Mi 24. Jun 2009, 07:41

I have a problem with character encoding in Navigation.

I tried to edit Navigation this way:
1) I open any file (e.g. index.html) and go to the Properties tab
2) I click Add in the Navigation section
3) new window pops-up
4) I enter some navigation text and save it
5) the navigation text is stored with wrong encoding :(

When I use Extras > Navigation, it works fine. At least I can build Navigation this way, but it would be also nice if I could build it directly from the Properties tab.


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Re: Navigation UTF-8 problems

Beitragvon Liquid » Do 25. Jun 2009, 09:39

This seems to be a bug.
As far as I know, there are some especially with the correct encoding in the Backend.
With Problems like this you are welcome to make a post in the Bugbase
Gruß Liquid

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