Windows Install (Microsoft-IIS/6.0)


Windows Install (Microsoft-IIS/6.0)

Beitragvon michaels » Fr 16. Okt 2009, 15:55


I'm having problems installing webEdition 6 on a Windows Server (Microsoft-IIS/6.0), the OnlineInstaller reports permissions errors and the manual install stops at stage 7. Below is the report from the System requirements page of the install (step 2).

Basic Requirements:
Your PHP Version is up to date (Version 5.2.4) - OK
PHP MySQL support available (Client API Version 5.0.27 found) - OK
Additional requirements:
WARNING: curl support is not available.
You need at least curl or allow_url_fopen activated for using webEdition liveUpdate, the First Steps Wizard or the application installer.
allow_url_fopen activated. - OK
WARNING: PHP multibyte functions not available
WARNING: gdlib functions not available
Session / cookie test:
Session test - OK
Cookie test - OK

I normally host on Linux and the installation process is very quick so any pointers or help on installing on Windows Servers would be much appreciated.


London, UK

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Re: Windows Install (Microsoft-IIS/6.0)

Beitragvon we:willRockYou » Fr 16. Okt 2009, 17:05

Hi Michael,

what is step 7 called? Is it something like "preparing files"? Anyway, there is a a bug in the installer. AFAIK it's not possible to install with the installer on IIS. See this German thread:

Though, manual installation should be working. Download the full package webEdition_6006.tar.gz from Sourceforge, upload with FTP and call setup.php.



Re: Windows Install (Microsoft-IIS/6.0)

Beitragvon michaels » Fr 16. Okt 2009, 17:38

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the reply, I read the German thread before I posted but I was unsure if there was a easy fix. I uploaded the manual install files and the set up process stalled at the stage where the database details are displayed (7. Summary, see image).

Should I enter the database details manually?

7. Summary
7. Summary
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Re: Windows Install (Microsoft-IIS/6.0)

Beitragvon michaels » So 18. Okt 2009, 15:05

Hi All,

The ISP Tech was very helpful and managed to get my webEdition install working but only after I manually transferred the files and database from my development site in MAMP. There were issues with permissions and missing php components but it's working and writing files to the webroot. However the Live Update is not working.

The main problems appeared to be:
1. Permissions
2. PHP Multibyte String Function - Missing
3. PHP GDlib Function - Missing

Community - There used to be a document which explained the Windows Server permissions, if it's still available could this be included in the online Docs.

London, UK

P.S. It's worth pointing out that the installation issues related to a specific server and normally the process is very fast and easy, in-fact this is the 3rd install I've done this week and the other 2 were problem free.

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