Custom application in WE

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Custom application in WE

Beitragvon linxy » Fr 5. Mär 2010, 23:31

Hello everybody,

I would like to know what is the easiest way of integrating a custom app into webEdition. We have an application that already exists and we need it to become a part of a website built in webEdition.

the web has several pages done with webEdition

plus we want to have one specific page
which would basically have a form and would connect to a different database and SOAP and render some results

Any ideas? Thx


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Re: Custom application in WE

Beitragvon Liquid » Mo 8. Mär 2010, 15:32

Maybe its too easy ;-)
Copy the calculator.html into a Webedition template, make some adjustments (like paths...), generate a (dynamic!!) file out of this template.
Now you can use the advantages of webedition within your App, and your app is part of Webedition...
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