Single installation for multiple domains

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Single installation for multiple domains

Beitragvon Michael_S » Fr 13. Jan 2012, 20:42


Is there a way to set up webEdition to work with the 1&1 web hosting and multiple domains in a shared hosting space. The typical 1&1 set up would be a base directory and sub-directories for domains as illustrated below:




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Re: Single installation for multiple domains

Beitragvon mokraemer » Sa 14. Jan 2012, 20:38

Hi Michael,
it is possible to use WE in one installation for multiple domains.
There are several ways to setup such an installation, and it depends on whether you can setup rewrite rules or symlinks on that webspace.
If you have only static content for the subdomains, just setup a service-url to manage WE, and use the subdirs to put the static contents into.

If you need dynamic content, you have to use symlinks or rewrite rules to do so.
The trick is to have the "same" WE directory as a subdir inside the (sub-)domain.
So you can simply make a symlink from one installation to the other, or do this via rewrite.

the drawback of this sulution is, you can see the pathname inside the url, which can be desired or not.

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