ISA Server + Mac OS X server

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ISA Server + Mac OS X server

Beitragvon Michael_S » Fr 1. Apr 2005, 00:14


has anyone set up a Mac OS X server running webEdition in a private network with a Microsoft ISA Server acting as the firewall, proxy and internal DNS?

I have 2 problems:

1. I can connect to the server from inside the network using the correct host name but cannot register the site and get the " is not available or your proxy settings are wrong" error?

2. From inside the network using the Mac server I can load the site but when I try to access the webedition directory the URL switches to the machine name "webserver.local"?

The ISA server is set up to port forward all requests for the host name to the internal IP address of the server and we have an internal DNS server with the public host name record pointing to the internal IP.

The webEdition server can browse the internet using IE but not Safari or Firefox I understand this is due to the lack of support for the ISA Servers authentication method. However this should not affect the webEdition licence registration or the name resolution.

Any suggestions?
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