Registering of basic webEdition


Registering of basic webEdition

Beitragvon shosolosa » Fr 1. Jul 2005, 09:46


I've successfully installed webEdition on my webspace. However, when I then want to start using as well as register it I get a blank page in my browser. I've tried Explorer, Netscape as well as Firefox.

What did I miss or what must I do. My webspace is with

Urgent, help would be appreciated!

best regards

shososlosa :confused:

Ralf Pospiech

Beitragvon Ralf Pospiech » Fr 1. Jul 2005, 15:55


it seems to be that there are some wrong settings on this webserver account. Please contact us directly, best, direct with your ftp login details, so we can take a look on the problem.

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