Create directory and download.php problems


Create directory and download.php problems

Beitragvon mikerk » Mo 27. Jul 2009, 19:27

I'm trying to set up a registration process for customers so that registered customers may download weekly PDF editions of our publications.

The problems (which may not relate to the customer module):

1.) Creating a new directory results in an undefined error alert with the directory being created but not visible externally, i.e., via cPanel File manger or FTP.
2.) Creating the "download.php" document results in an error alert when attempting to publish it.

I have experienced no other symptoms when saving and publishing documents other than the following alert:

The page at says:
Unable to call RPC: Ping.

Any insights would be appreciated.


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Re: Create directory and download.php problems

Beitragvon MarS » Mo 27. Jul 2009, 21:33

Let us continue the discussion in this topic: ... 598#p53598

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