Call complete website via HTTPS

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Call complete website via HTTPS

Beitragvon Lincon » Mo 1. Jul 2019, 10:41

Hello everyone,,
I hope my question is correct in this forum, the
following scenario: A website created in WE is to be called in future completely over HTTPS, because login-protected.
A full SSL certificate is set up (NO PROXY).

What should be considered here?
The WE backend was installed at the time under HTTP, then runs under HTTPS or can this continue under HTTP?

Thanks in advance for your feedback..

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Re: Call complete website via HTTPS

Beitragvon biwaMedia » Mo 1. Jul 2019, 20:09

Hi Lincon,

you can run the system under http or https not matter under wich protocol it was installed. Just make sure that all files you include or reference via src, href etc in your templates, which are not placed by we-tags as we:css we:img etc. are caled with https, if you have any absolute paths set.

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Re: Call complete website via HTTPS

Beitragvon mokraemer » Di 2. Jul 2019, 10:20

you can include external ressources without protocol if they serve both versions:

Code: Alles auswählen

<script src="//"></script>
calling this way, the ressource is fetched via http is you serve your site via http and by https if you serve https. In most cases this is only applicable for your own servers (e.g. loading images etc.)

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